Choosing a digital piano is not easy. Make the right decision.

As I have mentioned in my first post, I am obsessed with quality music, so it became an essential part of my life. Music is everywhere – I can’t even wake up without listening to a favorite song or leave the house without my mp3 player. Sometimes, when there is nothing to do, my friends and I, we run rehearsals (to “create music”, but as usual it changes into the fun and nothing special is created). Very often I stay up and watch street musicians playing, who have a different manner of playing music and I have no idea why, but I really like it. I believe that at one day I’ll try to play on the street too. Do you think it is something about alternative lifestyle?

Also, I caught myself researching the music world novelties almost every day. Honestly, I am surprised how many people create, and how many things are worth to be known. People invent new styles, combine existing, they are not afraid to experiment, are not afraid to be strange and ridiculous sometimes. Here it is – the 21th century!

But today that’s not all I want to talk about. Yesterday I tried to play on a real digital piano piece of art. One friend of mine showed his new purchase and I assure you – it’s something fascinating! If you want to find a good digital piano – this model is a perfect one! 

I forgot how it feels to play piano because I’ve been playing drums and guitar recently. In the childhood I took piano classes and sometimes the sounds I was making, were making up the melody. However, I have never had a talent to do it well that’s why after  a few years I’ve stopped my piano classes. After yesterday I’ve realized that lack of talent is just one of the problems. Having the right and  high-quality equipment is the most important, because learning to play with the mentioned digital piano is extremely easy. So, first thing to do is to get a good piano and then develop your skills. If you don’t have a talent, don’t worry! This “baby” will help you to play as good as possible.

Steve (friend of mine) has said that it was hard to choose the piano because there wes a huge amount of options to choose from, and if you don’t understand anything about the criteria of how to spot the best one, you are in a trouble – it will be impossible to choose something really good. There are many details which are worth to be considered and taken into account. First of all you must pay attention to the sound. Sound should be clear and deep.  Also, you should pay attention to the touch, technical specifications including criterias such as appearance, sound mechanism, effects, functions and other important attributes. Listen carefully to what shop assistant says about each model, but don’t forget, the first thing to do is to decide what are the features you need. It will help you to make the right decision. my piano

It will be worth to know the best digital piano brands. If you read and inquire them, you will know what you can refer to. List of the best pianos can help you to make the best choice. Don’t forget to read about every brand. I think, it will be better to choose one of the most popular digital piano modern manufacturers, because if they are popular and demanding that means there is a reason for this. So, choosing the digital piano you can safely choose from the most popular brands to run personal performances under the professional level.

To get the inspiration, you can listen  how it sounds by yourself. It’s better to listen to it once, instead of hearing about it so many times. If you don’t believe me – check it yourself!

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