About me

Let me start of like this. Who doesn’t like good music that makes you move? I mean, music is all together such a beautiful form of art. And I don’t know a single persons who would not enjoy any kind of music.

That is why I started to gain more interested in the world of music some time ago. I simply wanted to understand where does this power of music come from.

I wanted to learn more about what are to most important parts of the world of music, so that I could understand why exactly people love to listen music.

Thomas mumblesmostlyjazzandbluesI have to say here that I’m Thomas and music has always been a huge and important part of my life.

Therefore I have been learning a lot about music, while trying to understand the true power of music as well.

It was when I discovered jazz music when I understood that there is no reason to look for this answer that was so important for me.

I just started to believe that there is a bit of magic in music. The way I listen to music changed and I could say that I fell in love with jazz music at that moment.

That is the reason why after some time I decided to start this blog. You see, I want to share my experience with others, because music is meant to be loved by all of us. Therefore I would like to talk about the things I find interesting.

What is more, there are many other factors that influence the world of music in many ways! I would also like to talk about all of that. And I am sure that I will.

If you have some more specific questions, you should feel free to contact me using the contact form.